Who is Coalmont

Coalmont Electrical Development Corporation is an engineering firm specializing in complex electrical systems, including complete controls, systems integration and product development. Our customers are among the most respected companies in the energy and manufacturing industries. We are particularly adept at successfully completing projects other companies find too complex or too challenging to tackle.

In the energy sector, we have particular experience in the mining business. We understand the complex regulations that govern our work—how those regulations change above and below ground.

At Coalmont, we develop, install and commission new systems, as well as, upgrade existing systems. Our projects feature preventive maintenance, control upgrades and communication improvements all for increased production. We design custom software for monitoring processes, including HMI applications and plant control. We can design and manufacture custom electronic equipment to interface old equipment with newer technology.

Our team of engineers, designers, electricians and consultants have some of the deepest expertise in heavy industry, and are uniquely positioned to help your organization accomplish its goals safer, faster, smarter and less expensively.