Shaun McCutcheon, PE: Chief Executive Officer

Before starting Coalmont Electrical Development Company, Shaun spent his career with Electric Machine Control. There, he developed a reputation for working the complex jobs that proved too challenging for most engineers. Experience, of course, is a hard teacher. Over the years, Shaun learned the simple secrets of every successful project: good and effective management, backed up by the skills to do the job. He’s a big believer that good managers anticipate, plan, organize, schedule and find solutions to difficult challenges, even under pressure and adverse conditions. It’s those kinds of people he attracts to Coalmont.

Shaun has worked on all types of field installation jobs for heavy industry throughout the U.S. and the world. His skill set includes design, programming, testing, development and overall system problem solving. He’s also experienced training younger engineers to tackle the unique problems of the field.

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